Who We Are

Founded by Owner Nicolle R.  in 2010 
At POParazzi Balloons, providing exceptional service is our 1st priority
We deliver creative balloon designs for various events
We are flexible and compassionate as we understand the demands of planning an event
We are committed to ensuring the balloon decor meets your creative standardsand most importantly your budget
- We will gladly meet you at the venue of your choice FREE of charge to discuss estimates 
POParazzi Balloons will NOT put a price on meeting a prospective client to discuss the endless possibilities!
We want to be your go-to for all events

Environmentally Friendly

We use the very best quality latex balloons which are 100% bio-degradable. Latex balloons bio-degrade at the rate similar to that of an oak leaf from a tree.  If released, when a latex balloon reaches a certain altitude, it will pop and fragments will not harm the environment. 

Mylar balloons should NEVER be released, as they may become entangled in electrical wires, thereby creating a risk of fire or power outages.  POParazzi balloons will never sell a helium filled mylar balloon without a weight attached.

Safety 1st

Children under the age of 3 should play with balloons under ADULT supervision ONLY; never allow children to play with un-inflated balloons or popped balloon fragments.

POParazzi​ ​Balloons


"Let These Balloons Invade Your Next Event"